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Welcome to, Toronto's Online Chinese Community!

We are a group of Chinese-Canadian professionals who share the same passion about promoting community service and cross-cultural communication. The mission of is to assist members of the Chinese-Canadian community in their efforts to adapt, develop, and succeed in Canada by providing them with the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and relevant information and resources through interactive media.

The main content channels of include news, city guide, new-comer's online help, career, education, business and investment, travel, great savings, community information, online forum, and classifieds. We are always looking to form new partnerships to enhance our content and capability. For our Chinese-speaking audience, is your best online source of information, advice, and assistance in the GTA. For mainstream businesses and government agencies, is a unique and effective interface for you to forge stronger ties with a critical mass of ethnic community customers.

Toronto's Chinese community is the city's oldest ethnic community, the largest in Canada and the fastest growing. is our gift to you to celebrate the community's rich cultural heritage. Looking into the future, we are more ready than ever to break new grounds as the new century unfolds.

Again, welcome to Contact us or visit us at to share your opinions, comments and ideas.

Wish you peace, health, and happiness in Year 2002 and beyond!

Your team at
Toronto's Online Chinese Community

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